Why print is so important!

So many clients ask how much my digital images are - in fact its usually the first question! As a society we are living the digital dream, we socialise online, order our food and even our fitbit's monitor our sleep. We are never without technology.


The problem is technology is changing so quickly, it was only a few years ago that photographers sold their images on CD, now we don't even have CD drives in our computers...sim cards on phones change size and shape....remember floppy disks? Even our hard drives are changing connectors from USB to Firewire. Yet clients are desperate to buy their images on USB. Think you can defeat technology by storing all on the "cloud"? Theres no guarantee that will exist in a few years either...its madness!


Now lets get away from the technical rat race for a moment. One of my most precious possessions I have is a photo of my grandparents, its completely priceless! In a world where they printed their photos, 3 generations later I have it to hold. Its a physical connection to my past and my grandparents that I loved very much. It will be passed on to my children as their great grandparents! A good friend of mine recently made a generation photo frame for her family. In it are 6 generations of men. The resemblance in her sons to their great great great grandfather is amazing to see! Her boys will have that physical connection to their past as they grow into men and have their own sons. It sits pride of place above the breakfast table and it can be viewed and enjoyed every single day!


It has been reported that during natural disasters like floods the most saved possession when people ran into their homes to gather their most precious belongings was photographs. Lets face it, nobody runs into a rapidly flooding house and saves a usb.


So whilst digital images are a great way to share your photos with distant friends, they look nice as your phone background and granny in australia can share the joy of seeing her new grandchild, print really is the real investment.




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