Why is newborn photography expensive?

Why is newborn photography so expensive? - I hear this time and time again so I thought why not post a blog?


There are many reasons Newborn Photography can be expensive, the first is that usually you are paying for quality, not only of the photographer but the art they create. 


Most photographers charge a session fee first, this is paying for their time to capture your babys images and is almost always discounted. Newborn sessions can last 3 hours and above and your photographer being trained to safely handle and pose your baby is a competent talented professional - Id say on average a specialist newborn photographer can spend a weeks worth of hours in total on each client/session. Now someone of that high quality and talent really isn't cheap but thats not all you are paying for...


Once the images have been created its incredibly important to print them on high quality products. Cheap canvases sag, poor frames break and cheap prints fade. These products will be what your baby will be holding when they are 30 years old not a usb. Investing into quality archival paper, uv protected glass frames and strong fine art acrylics will preserve the images for the future generations to enjoy. Buying through your photographer gives you high end products that will last. Quality over and above the high street and the expert print knowledge from your photographer. 

You want to discuss though digitals don't you? - Ok - Buying the digitals is like buying the original art work, except you are buying 30 original pieces at once which is why it gets expensive. As digital photographers we capture and paint with pixels just like artists with paper and paint. We can offer prints....or you can have the original piece of art. With the originals there are endless possibilities and they are timeless, you can print from them time and time again for years to come.


Specialist Newborn Photography can cost thousands, similar to wedding photography but equally as important. Capturing emotions and fleeting life moments, details that change so quickly and ones that children love to look back on. You are capturing their story.


So yes, newborn photography is expensive but thats because you are commissioning a talented artist to create you bespoke and unique pieces of art that will last through generations of your family as a legacy. Newborn Photography is a luxury and it comes with a price tag but also the only gift that you can give your family that will last 100 years.






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