Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer

When finding a newborn photographer there seems to be plenty of choice! But what should you be asking your photographer before you book a newborn photoshoot?  Lisa Cattersgill gives her top tips:




1. Ask if they have had newborn posing and safety training?

Training in posing a newborn is a must in my eyes and honestly an art form in itself. When a newborn comes in to my studio here in Stratford-upon-Avon, they are only days old and the most fragile little bundles. Knowing what to move and how to position your baby comfortably and safely is very important! It can hurt your new-born if he/she is transitioned badly between positions or not supported properly.


2. Have they got baby first aid training?

You may think this would all come under the above training but no. Baby first aid is separate and easily aquired through local NCT, British Red Cross or St Johns Ambulance to name a few. All professionals handling babies should have it, so make sure your newborn photographer does and it is up-to-date.


3. How do they ensure good hygiene with the props and materials being used?

This is a perfect question. All materials and props at my studio get washed before and after each and every baby. My studio gets cleaned and anti bacterial washed, all my materials are washed in non bio and nothing gets missed. This really should be the same for all new-born photographers to help protect your baby. This is where my OCD is queen!


4. Has their studio been adapted to your newborn baby’s needs?

Every studio should be safe with no cables to trip over or things to fall but with newborn studios it must be warm, your little one will be naked and being undressed. Does your photographer know what temperature to get the studio ready for your little one to be comfortable?


5. Can you see the studio before the photoshoot?

Granted with busy photographers this can be difficult, however not impossible. I love pre-consultations in my newborn studio here in Stratford-upon-Avon. It’s a real treat to talk to new parents and explain what I do whilst gathering information to make their shoot perfect and bespoke.  This gives you a chance to meet your photographer, get comfortable in the studio and talk through any style ideas or options for your newborn baby photoshoot.



Lisa Cattersgill is a specialist Newborn Photographer based in Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire offering Specialist Maternity, newborn and baby Photography.  She is recommended by Mumbler as a local family photographer

NCT and British Red Cross, baby first aid trained

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HNC in Photography, City Westminster College, London.

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