Why should I have a Maternity Photoshoot?

If you are asking this question then you are probably in the same place many of my pregnant mums were when they came to me for a pre-consultation. Its no secret that pregnancy is tough and at times, can make you feel pretty unattractive, wether it's the continuous sickness, the swollen feet, the giant boobs that just came out of nowhere or the stretch marks...whatever it is that makes you feel rough, it sucks. So with all this going on and if your self image is low why would you have a maternity shoot?


 As I see it you are beautiful and you are strong, capturing this moment in your's and your families life is nothing short of special. I see so many stunning mum-to-be's who come to my studio with low confidence but after their pamper and bump photoshoot they can't wait to see the images. Many new parents cry with joy when they see their galleries because they can finally see what the rest of us see, a powerful and beautiful mum-to-be who is going to be an amazing mum! The images a maternity shoot can capture really are for YOU.


Then theres the future of the images...


1. When your baby is here you can look back and think "Yes, I really did look good" rather than hiding every photo ever taken in the last 9 months.

2. Your baby can see how amazing his or her mamma was and how confident you were bringing them into the world. Thats a pretty powerful message to send your child.

3. As with every image I capture here at my studio, its family history in the making. The images created in this amazing year for you will be pulled out in 20+ years time when its her turn to have her baby. Now thats impressive!


Still not sure if a maternity photoshoot is for you? Drop me a message or come to the studio for a relaxed consultation. Id love to show you around and go through all the options with you!



Lisa Cattersgill


Cattersgill Photography 


Specialist Newborn Baby and Maternity Photography





Safe transitional newborn posing, Newborn Photography Training, Melanie East

Tracy Willis Composite Training,

NCT and British Red Cross, baby first aid trained

HNC in Photography, City Westminster College, London.

National finalist 2016, New business of the year, Networking Mummies

National Finalist 2017, Networker of the Year, Networking Mummies

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