My First Newborn Photoshoot

 Back in May 2015 I took the plunge...hands shaking and 1 million things to remember, I shot my first baby. 


Ok that's a bit dramatic, but I did do my first newborn photoshoot. Baby Charlie was only 7 days old when he arrived at my studio with his Mum and Dad. I knew I had to be confident with him and take control from the start, as I really wanted this to go well. Lifting his tiny sleepy body out of his car seat and into my arms I instantly fell in love with him (rule 1...dont get too distracted by yummy newborn baby broodiness!!) I let him settle into my arms for a cuddle and I chat to mum before we start the shoot.


I didn't really know how the first shoot would work out, if I'd be any good with the baby or if my photos would make the mark? After I'd finished all my newborn training and had taken a baby first aid course, set the studio up and read as much as I could on newborn photography...the only way to know was to take the plunge!...9 months down the line, lots has changed but Im still really proud of this first shoot!



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